“You might have been banned” | HC Gets Chanced At TOB | Old School RuneScape Highlights OSRS

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  • Here's a link to the inferno tool I was using in that clip if anyone was interested in it, dunno if youtube blocks links or not so Imma just link it and hope for the best lol molgoatkirby.github.io/inferno-sets/index.html

    MolgoatkirbyMolgoatkirbyUukausi sitten
    • this is fucking awesome dude, thank you

      TysonTysonUukausi sitten
    • Thank you, have pinned this comment

      Behemeth's OSRS HighlightsBehemeth's OSRS HighlightsUukausi sitten
  • Behemeth si tampan

    Anugrah AryaAnugrah Arya27 päivää sitten
  • He clearly says here's your meal. But yeah, make a virgin joke because that's so original.

    AlbyAlbyUukausi sitten
    • Its literally what i heard, he gives him a painting so clearly you didnt hear it right either...

      Behemeth's OSRS HighlightsBehemeth's OSRS HighlightsUukausi sitten
  • 8:35 reaction. hahaha I love it.

    Cody DeyoCody DeyoUukausi sitten
  • 2:25 that is actually hilarious!!!!! LOOOOL

    Joe B Son OSRSJoe B Son OSRSUukausi sitten
  • Bro where do some of these people live. I dont get it. Are they 30 yo in dorms or what lol. Also he's delivering mail to virgins while wearing a MAGA hat lmal

    Dirty DDirty DUukausi sitten
  • 3:48 Still better than deadman finals

    The OnyxThe OnyxUukausi sitten
  • Dude I love Faux

    StudiedConceptsStudiedConceptsUukausi sitten
  • ahrim aint max stfu 4:20

    Zello one hunnidZello one hunnidUukausi sitten
  • What’s the song at 6:00

    Jack VernonJack VernonUukausi sitten
  • That was a great PureSpam stream

    Brett MillerBrett MillerUukausi sitten

    BarzoBarzoUukausi sitten
    • What a move

      Behemeth's OSRS HighlightsBehemeth's OSRS HighlightsUukausi sitten
    • Lol hey it me buddddddd

      UzercwUzercwUukausi sitten
  • Was that aldus snow from get him to the Greek?

    alex calex cUukausi sitten
  • Chymistry the real mvp

    RsFrag3dRsFrag3dUukausi sitten
  • Lol un clip de hugodzilla

    HaroldHaroldUukausi sitten
  • I so pumped to watch people get excited for there friends to get drops

    TUKgamersTUKgamersUukausi sitten
  • Real Irons cc whats up

    Eric TygielskiEric TygielskiUukausi sitten
  • What’s with all the fucking mongs in your vids, lost quite a bit of interest in the channel not gonna lie.

    Tim WhiteTim WhiteUukausi sitten
  • Abdullah had smoked much snape grass in his clip LOL

    Kiasie LopezKiasie LopezUukausi sitten
  • Lol 50 people digging dharoks at the same time

    Eric TygielskiEric TygielskiUukausi sitten
  • Love how jagex just openly admits to knowing Adwaam is a piece of shit but do nothing

    MitchMitchUukausi sitten
  • Can you stop with the farting clips? Shit's disgusting.

    Cruxia TechCruxia TechUukausi sitten
  • I like how ian says omg I actually got him just like the old intro

    Bootymans OSRSBootymans OSRSUukausi sitten
  • morning behe thanks for another vid :) I really hope he was joking about that granny situation 🤢

    Zar_ ttgZar_ ttgUukausi sitten
    • Yeah it’s all jokes don’t worry hahh

      Behemeth's OSRS HighlightsBehemeth's OSRS HighlightsUukausi sitten
  • He said priority mail

    Mark CioffiMark CioffiUukausi sitten
  • i think he said "heres your mail" :'D

    Jussi RuuskaJussi RuuskaUukausi sitten
    • I hear "Priority Mail"

      Charred_TVCharred_TVUukausi sitten
  • Why you putting chemistry in ANY video??? Like a limiting reactant, he's all used up lol

    Trevor RoweTrevor RoweUukausi sitten
  • I seems to be in a country accent saying here is your mail

    Jack CrowderJack CrowderUukausi sitten
  • That castle wars play was the best thing I’ve seen this year

    comet agscomet agsUukausi sitten
  • imagine dying for your bank and 80m exp. Id uninstall the internet

    LucasLucasUukausi sitten
  • 00:14 yea?... ur mom is? ur mom is what!?

    Marc van BreedenMarc van BreedenUukausi sitten
  • Best castle wars escape? Lmao.. CAP 🧢

    MurdaNotNiceMurdaNotNiceUukausi sitten

    RandyPKsNubsRandyPKsNubsUukausi sitten
  • You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest! You dare disturb my rest!

    aznpwnurfaceaznpwnurfaceUukausi sitten
  • UwU

    HugodzillaHugodzillaUukausi sitten
  • Context on the nanny's nickers and bum shag remark? Cause if that's the dude the other streamer was telling a story about that's FUBAR.

    Cody DeutschCody DeutschUukausi sitten
    • Yes, it is him. He doesn't care.

      BainesGamesBainesGamesUukausi sitten
  • thank god someone is doing somehting about these cape sellers who stream and nobody cares that they sell capes.

    Maidens RagMaidens RagUukausi sitten
    • There's been 100s of accounts banned for buying and selling capes, so I'm not sure what you mean lol. But eventually Jagex will have to give up, as the content is becoming "old".

      Phteven SmithPhteven SmithUukausi sitten
  • That is some cringe commentary on the dual arena clips lol

    kyle morsekyle morseUukausi sitten
  • *wearing dragonhide and ahrims* “Noooo I just died for max!!”

    Sens249Sens249Uukausi sitten
    • @Dextiz w45 DMM? pretty sure raids in w45

      Quadders :pQuadders :pUukausi sitten
    • Thats in DMM tho

      DextizDextizUukausi sitten
  • But how did the inferno run go for Damo

    John HaymanJohn HaymanUukausi sitten
  • your nannys whats????

    HorizonHorizonUukausi sitten
    • Knickers, underwear. He's a deviant.

      BainesGamesBainesGamesUukausi sitten
    • Looks like Aldus snow from get him to the greek

      alex calex cUukausi sitten
  • priority mail is what i heard

    677bman677bmanUukausi sitten
    • fo shiz

      Trevor MacleanTrevor MacleanUukausi sitten

    XehaXehaUukausi sitten
    • @jordan b nah it’s all legit man, I’ve reported it to the authorities don’t worry

      Behemeth's OSRS HighlightsBehemeth's OSRS HighlightsUukausi sitten
    • @Behemeth's OSRS Highlights ?

      jordan bjordan bUukausi sitten
    • Is there a joke im missing here? Or are you just sending hearts to someone claiming to have molested someone else? Even if It is a joke idk how funny you think molestation is, but most people don't find it funny at all.

      jordan bjordan bUukausi sitten
    • I hope the public see you for what you are now. You monster

      BainesGamesBainesGamesUukausi sitten
    • Behemeth's OSRS HighlightsBehemeth's OSRS HighlightsUukausi sitten
  • Beardi is garbage I hope he tears his acl

    Shane AShane AUukausi sitten
  • Woah, never been this early on a vid. Appreciate all the work you put into these vids behe

    Bryan GoetzBryan GoetzUukausi sitten
    • Behemeth's OSRS HighlightsBehemeth's OSRS HighlightsUukausi sitten
  • ❤️🖤❤️🖤

    Danilo GatonDanilo GatonUukausi sitten
  • that castle wars clip looks like the most fun anyones had on this game in a long time

    • makes you realise how fake the "reactions" are when people get drops

      Jeff DeafJeff DeafUukausi sitten
    • castlewars WAS fun (still is on a friday night) fingers crossed soul wars will revive it

      Jeff DeafJeff DeafUukausi sitten
    • I played cw on leagues last night. Was 2v2 but guy on my team was friends with the enemy trying to let them win. I ran with my flag for 14 minutes before they could kill me lol. I already had a win on leagues so i was just trolling lol.

      Michael VoMichael VoUukausi sitten
    • Nothing beats 3 hours straight of blast furnace for pure excitement

      Tomás FrameTomás FrameUukausi sitten
    • @Alex P whats the item lmao

      WaffleCouncilWaffleCouncilUukausi sitten
  • fuck i love abdull

    Jacob BallJacob BallUukausi sitten
  • Hey Behemeth any tips for alcohol addiction?

    Jord MacJord MacUukausi sitten
    • I think the most common form of addiction in the world, I would recommend exercise and meditation. You’ll find enough joy in the world without needing to enhance it. Another option, search up wim hoff, I’ve been doing his stuff for a while now and regardless of addiction it should have you feeling amazing

      Behemeth's OSRS HighlightsBehemeth's OSRS HighlightsUukausi sitten
  • He totally said virgin mail 🤣 poor alfie bullied

    Amin TAmin TUukausi sitten
    • See I hear “priority mail” but he slurs and it sounds like “ prorty mail “

      peter nonamepeter nonameUukausi sitten
  • Behemeth you ledge mate huge kiss mwah mwah good start to the day as always. Keep it up bro

    Harry HamiltonHarry HamiltonUukausi sitten
  • 4th

    JesseJesseUukausi sitten

    Jacob NewellJacob NewellUukausi sitten
  • Second

    Soul SurvivorSoul SurvivorUukausi sitten
  • First ❤

    Dylan AultmanDylan AultmanUukausi sitten
  • Mwahmwah mwah

    Gabriel EsparzaGabriel EsparzaUukausi sitten
    • Behemeth's OSRS HighlightsBehemeth's OSRS HighlightsUukausi sitten
  • Fuvkyou

    Gabriel EsparzaGabriel EsparzaUukausi sitten